Jaymes’ crisp, almost wholesome insanity wreaks havoc on the hearts of the audience. When she unhinges, she does so in thudding chunks and fistfuls.
— Kitty Drexel, New England Theatre Geek (Echoes)
Authentic and dedicated, Jaymes mixes youthful energy with an old school work ethic reminiscent of stage and screen legends.
— A. Gretencort, Flock Creative
As the executive producer of true crime shows, the cases we cover are often violent, emotionally disturbing, and require a special caliber of young actor to do proper them justice. Thank you Angela for your commitment and ability to accept direction in such volatile scenes.
— Dave Cargill, Executive Producer (Discovery ID's Murder Among Friends, Blood Relatives, and Extreme Measures)
Angela Jaymes is a director’s dream...focused, adjustable, enjoyable to be around and she makes everyone on set confident with her skills and positivity. I am actively seeking more projects in which I can cast her.
— Elizabeth Guilliams, Director